The end is coming soon

I know, we ended, but I mean the website is ending. Is anyone even out there anymore? If you are, you are a super fan and you should be awarded. If you read this, tweet at @MenDrinkCoffee, it’s ok if not.

Why did the Men Drinkin’ Coffee end?

I got a new job and it’s exhausting for me. I’m a lead of a very challenging team, and I find myself exhausted every day I come home. I worked from home three days a week at my previous job and it was much easier to schedule/record/edit videos, do all the wacky mods, etc. It felt like I had more energy. However, the new job didn’t allow for it anymore. I do a lot of interesting stuff at the job, so don’t worry about me. Sometimes life changes. We couldn’t keep doing it forever.

But also… there’s more to it than that… I don’t think what we’re doing is really “new” anymore. I wanted to do something new. It will probably be something boring; I liked writing the tech articles describing my setup. Maybe one day you’ll be reading a tech article about some dumb tech thing for your job and you won’t even know I wrote it! Wow! I’ll try to clue you in on it if I do, it’ll be a sign of the thing we once all shared together. Please don’t find and kill me to get my fame a la John Lennon.

I’m also out there contributing to open source stuff. Yes, that’s right, I was a nerd the whole time!

Why disappear from the Internet?

It always bugged me when content creators stopped creating content but still posted their asinine opinions on twitter or wherever. Like, some kinda washed-up moron who doesn’t want to put in the effort but still wants to have some level of fame.

Are you going to delete the videos?

No. Youtube will not be around one day, enjoy ’em while they’re there.

Do you still read video comments?

Yes. People who stumble upon our stuff are very rude. However, the stuff you guys posted is very nice. I appreciate it.

What do you miss the most?

I miss the fans and the art. Our fans were legitimately very funny. That’s something not everyone can say. The art was awesome, it meant a lot to me personally to see someone spend the time and create something. I think that’s the thing I like to see in other people.

If you have other questions, I only really look at youtube comments and twitter @MenDrinkCoffee now.

If you see this, hope it gave some context? Maybe answered some questions?