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Making podplays and let’scasts is always fun for us. We’ve shared some laughs, some tears, and even learned a bit about each other. But what makes it all the sweeter is the wonderful art, literature, and audio that the tasters have submitted. Nothing makes us happier than when someone takes time out of his or her day to create something funny or cool. You can tweet your art to @MenDrinkCoffee on twitter, send it to “Taster Content” on our Discord or send us a submission on if you’re ashamed of making art for an LP group (understandable), or electronically mail us, art (at) this domain name (mendrinkincoffee) dot com!


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Of course, not everyone is a van Gogh, a Shakespeare, or a Marconi, but maybe you still want to show you appreciate the great content we release on a semi-quarterly basis. So that’s why (at the risk of accelerating the backlash) we’ve joined the Amazon referral service! It won’t cost you extra and a small portion of your purchase will go to us, ensuring Diaper Chris’s stomach will be full of chicken nuggets while we play through all the greats.

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