Streamer Spotlight: Jame (FF7 First Time Playthrough)

Streamer Profile: Jame

Highlighted Game: Final Fantasy 7 (first time playthrough)

The Backstory

Meet Jame. Jame is great. He’s a Nova Scotian in his early 20’s who likes the musical parody stylings of Weird Al, does not like “backseat players,” stays engaged with the viewers in his chat, and is an all-around nice young man.

Jame is working through a blind run of the cult classic Final Fantasy 7 as of this writing. Judge and I have been following his escapades for a week, and in doing so, we became fans of his work. Big time fans. Why are we such huge “Jame-aneers,” you ask? Well, pull up a chair (or continue standing if you use a standing desk) and listen up as I breakdown our journey with Jame and what makes him so terrific.

The Breakdown

We first stumbled upon Jame as he was finishing up his first visit to the Gold Saucer. We realized that this is Jame’s first time ever playing Final Fantasy 7, which is rad, because I think I speak for gamers everywhere when I say that all of us wish we could experience the joy of playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time again. Do you remember not realizing the buggy could cross the water? I sure do. Here is a chart depicting how Jame fared in this seminal FF7 moment:

While the buggy bit (bb) was fantastic, what really sold us on Jame was when we saw that he had renamed all of the characters in the game. Take a look at this handy flowchart which shows how Jame renamed each character:

When we saw “DENNIS Strife,” there was no turning back. We were hooked. Jame is a man gun-arming after our hearts.

We witnessed him fight the “Materia Keeper” boss inside Mount Nibel later in the week. This boss with a silly name absorbs all fire damage (old news to true FF7-heads), but how “on fleek” were Jame’s fire spells? Let’s check the spell chart:

20%. Tough day at the office for Jame. After about twenty minutes, he realized his mistake and boy was his face red as a summon materia! However, he refused to let one poor performance keep him down. Jame did what all the greats do and put the last fight behind him, pressing onward to Rocket Town. Here we witnessed one of my personal favorite moments in FF7: when that fat, lard-eating, turd-of-a-man Palmer spanks his own butt and then gets hit by a truck. I remember my first reaction to that moment being all like “LOL,” but what was Jame’s reaction? Check out this diagram for a breakdown:

Another masterstroke by Jame! The Advanced Twitch-Analytics (ATA) for this guy are otherworldly. He’s on pace for an historic FF7 run if he keeps this up! Jame continued to dominate by making moderately-paced work of the Battle Arena, DENNIS’s hot date with Henry, Kirby’s heel (bad-guy) turn, the Temple of Ancients, and the boss in the wall that all the FF7 weenies think is hard. The biggest moment in the game, and arguably in gaming history, was rapidly approaching: the infamous “Death of Henry” scene. How would Jame handle such a devastating blow to the team? Before I reveal the answer, let’s take a look at how Coffee-Nation predicted Jame would react:

We could never risk letting this piece of history be lost to time, so we had The Moment recorded. I will let the tape speak for itself:

Wow…simply beautiful. The video shows everything that makes Jame truly great: the characters’s differing voice portrayals, the cool subscriber song, him mouthing the words to the cool subscriber song, his generosity and kindness acknowledging the new follower despite the unfathomable sadness on the screen, and his lukewarm response to the gaming moment that “has made grown nerds cry.”

We had to know what his thoughts of the game were after the hardest hitting moment in gaming finished. Take a listen to his response in the post-death interview about what he likes about the game:

“Pretty much everything…the characters…the gameplay is solid.” The man is a true professional that just “gets it.” He went on to describe how cool the monsters in the game were and mentioned that he wanted to get a tattoo of them. Henry’s death does not make Jame miss a beat and he continues to entertain. Just another example of what makes Jame an all-star in the making.

The upside for this man is incredible, and I think he has the potential to be great for years to come. If you want to take a look at his Twitch page, it’s here. He is a kind and chilled-out entertainer trying to make his way in the streaming world…a world threatened by Sephiroth and Meteor.

Editor’s note: Jame doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and neither should you. Please do not harass this man, as we legitimately enjoy his positive attitude and want to catalog and share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with you.


Personality: ★★★★★
Fun Factor: ★★★★☆
Game Choice: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Things on Screen: ★★★☆☆