Raven’s Cry Episode 6 – Strangers in a Strange Land

Last time on Raven’s Cry, we journeyed onto the high seas, taking the Caribbean by force as our “little schooner that could” fought battle after battle against rival schooners, rival “galeons”, rival barnacles, rival boat regulators telling us we didn’t have enough life boats… the list goes on! After our audience yelled at us for not having played a pirate game before, they eventually let the video play until the end and saw that we skillfully breezed around the combat in the less-romanticized facet of nautical living: navigation. Can the Men Drinkin’ Coffee survive more than 3 minutes without sinking in this new setting? Who is this mysterious Tirado, and will he sink us? When we sink again, will the precious cargo, the cannabis, lose a little of that “fresh taste”? Watch and find out!