Raven’s Cry Episode 22 – Hero Lands Plane in Hudson

Last time on Raven’s Cry, our smear campaign against Kensington continued. It seems that about 30% of the game is dedicated to passive aggressively destroying the meta-narrative surrounding the man’s life, the latest iteration being that we killed some guy he owed money to in order to make the Patriarchs (a necessary piece of the plot) think Kensington did it so the next time they throw an illuminati meeting, they can act like the invite for Kensington got lost in the mail. Also, a ship or two was sunk, probably making Kensington steamed like never before. What new things are we going to do today to make Kensington regret whatever it is he did to us? What happened to that Spanish guy from the opening who yelled at us in the bar and then that town was attacked by the Spanish Navy? Watch and find out!