Raven’s Cry Episode 19 – Illuminutty

Last time on Raven’s Cry, Chris Raven either forced himself on a nun or it was a extremely inept portrayal of seduction. Let’s hope for the best. Anyway, Chris was impotent and had to ditch the nun at the nearest harbor so the guys on the ship would still respect him. Chris continued his main quest adventure and went to the mysterious St. John’s island. He competed in a few fights, hoping to get information the hard way! The guys kept dying so he pursued other avenues. He went to a plantation where surprisingly little racism occurred and he came to meet Kensington… or was it? It turns out it was a man named Avery who agrees to help Chris meet the bad guy. Not Kensington, a different bad guy. What are the true motivations of this Avery? Who’s Kensington again? Watch and find out!