Raven’s Cry Episode 18 – The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse

Last time on Raven’s Cry, Chris Raven was on death’s door. A blurry filter overcame the camera and Chris had to journey to a mystical shaman to find the cure. He went into the temple and had to use all his cunning just to survive. No stone was left unmoved as Chris put said stones onto various levers to lift doors. He collected the idols and fell into the trap that was actually progress. A German angel descended from heaven to help guide him across the path that did not seem to be intended as the route forward. Chris found the antidote to his camera filter and was on his way with a nun. Now that Chris is cured, what of chasing the latest villain in the long list of villains? Who is this nun and what does she want with young, innocent Chris Raven? Watch and find out!