Raven’s Cry Episode 12 – Pirate’s Cove

Last time on Raven’s Cry, the tables were turned as the best, funniest, coolest member of the team grinded off screen in the video game (a cool thing to do) to get enough funds to buy a new ship! Our new boat saw us get invited to a rumpus, but we had trouble nailing down the directions (no GPS here, no mapquest either). No matter, as our good friend and developed character, Santorio, needed help defending his island from the French after he sold them contaminated food offscreen. People were shoved, canncons were fired, but we eventually emerged victorious. Now, we embark to find the elusive Weedy, apparently hiding out in the titular pirate’s cove. Who is this mysterious Weedy, and what can he tell us about the bad guy pirate uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bluebeard? Will our frigate shape up or “ship out”? Watch and find out!