Raven’s Cry Episode 1 – Dreadful Pirates

Raven’s Cry is a 2015 Role Playing Game (RPG for short) taking place in 17th century Caribbean (pronounced Caribbean). It follows the adventures of “Chris Raven”, a pirate caught up in the crazy, mixed up world of the high seas and driven by vengeance. Chris’s crew has been killed, and he means to get even with those what done the deed.

The game follows the exploits of Chris as he shops around town for better boat things, buys rum (pirates love this), swashbuckles, and acts rogue-ish. The game boasts a rich skill tree to customize your pirate exactly the way you want, along with a combat system of sorts. Full voice acting, 360 degrees of movement, a plane of polygons whose vertices move in step with what would be considered similar to water waves along with water-like textures creating the illusion of water utilizing bits on a computer; it has everything!

However, Raven’s Cry has a metacritic rating of 29 out of 100. The patch notes tell an interesting story, one filled with missing voice files, spelling errors, and bugs that make the game unbeatable. Set sail for fun!