Looking to Twitch for Jon Stewart’s Replacement

Jon Stewart shocked the world earlier this month by announcing his departure from The Daily Show. He has spent nearly 16 years elevating the program from an obscure cable network comedy parody into the main news source for millions of young American adults. Countless talents have been buoyed by the success of the show, including Steve Carrel, Stephen Colbert, and Ed Helms. Also, Mo Rocca was there. Remember Lewis Black? Anyway, America is abuzz with rumors about who will be Jon’s replacement, but serious questions need to be addressed: who could be expected to maintain the momentum that Jon brought to the show? Where could one even look? Luckily, the Men Drinkin’ Coffee have the answer: Twitch.tv streamers in the “Gaming Talk Shows” subcategory!

The two of us (Diaper Chris and judge) have gathered what we consider to be the premiere candidates to fill Jon’s shoes. We will evaluate our candidates on several factors and what we think they can bring to the show to elevate it to new heights.

judge pick:

PlayThroughPodCast – [Re-Broadcast] The PlayThrough Podcast with @RummblePlays and @Boyney [Fridays Pre-show at 8:30 ET // Podcast at 9:00 ET]
“I’m getting back on the streaming horse again!”

When I found the man behind PlayThroughPodcast, named RummblePlays, I immediately noticed a positive and strong sign: according to his broadcast title, he’s already in syndication!  I also saw that he’s honoring Spock, from Star Trek, building “nerd cred” in the process as well as hitting a contemporary news piece, a classic Jon Stewart move. All it takes is one look at the heavy hitters of today’s market: Big Bang Theory, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Men Drinkin’ Coffee. Nerds are IN! As for a glimpse into what conversation skills he boasts: he and his guest are bemoaning the supersaturated zombie game market. This is a nice, safe opinion to have in 2015. It is very good for a talk show host to have opinions but not rock the boat too much.

Diaper pick:

Papa_fi – Papa FiFi Drums – Review, Exercises, and Updates
“HEEEEEEEEEY GUYS! Papa Fi here bringing you all sorts of classic N64 games and drumming!”

The Daily Show has become a place where Americans go to be informed about what is going on in the world. Papa_fi offers a great alternative spin on this; instead of every night being a Political Science class, what if every night was Music class? If that sounds like a good idea to you, than rest assured Papa_fi is your goofy high school Music teacher leading the marching band that is America.

When asked by the Twitch chat how he became so good at drumming on a wooden box, Papa_fi is quick to list the giants that his work stands on the shoulders of: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Tenny, Ben Stevenson, and the esteemed Prof. Mike Smith all have been mentors for Papa_fi.

Think of it, Comedy Central. All the men, women, and children across the nation marching to the beat of the same drum and wearing dad jeans.

judge pick:

Gamingkids2245 – My babysitters Play MINECRAFT COME WATCH!!
“Im gamingkids245 If you would like to stick around that would be great.”

Alas, the stream was over by the time I found it, but wow! The title and image accompanying it… look out middle America: The Gaming Kids are in your house, asking the babysitter to play video games.

This has great viral meme capacity hereto only seen by the likes of ‘Kimmel’ and ‘Fallon’. These kids can get Comedy Central a piece of the delicious blog pie and nail down that 18-35 demo they so desperately need to maintain. Imagine it now: your Facebook feed is full of viral memes of 25 year olds getting their babysitter to play uhhh Destiny?

judge pick:

GamerHuset – GamerHuset.dk – HouseCams – Besøg i GamerHuset
“Danmarks eneste GamerHus!”

Maybe we’re approaching this all wrong… who needs a new Daily Show host? There’s Colbert, John Oliver, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Ira Glass, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Don Imus already doing the same shtick. Maybe it’s time to revisit a tried and true classic: the REALITY SHOW! With a video game twist! It’ll be the true story of seven gamers, picked to live in a house, game together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop saying ‘gg’… and start getting real.


Diaper pick:

Laggin_out – Scary night with Moab!
“Where REAL GAMERS and geeks discuss videos games, movies and anything geek.”

What if we try to appeal to all demographics by assembling a diverse cast of dweebs? The Avengers, The Justice League, The Velvet Revolver, these super groups have nothing on the Laggin’ Out team. Let me break down the players for you:

Chieftan: I believe Chieftan is the leader of Laggin’ Out. Don’t let his fake (?) teeth fool ya, though, because this guy has opinions that are very real. Also, don’t let his hat fool ya. I first thought it was a Sam Jackson-like Kangol hat. Turns out it’s just a backwards baseball cap.
Havok: A great “locker room guy”. He helps keep things “loose” by hanging back and allowing the other people to yell over each other.
Zomb1e K1ller: This woman is a catch phrase machine. In the 5 minutes I watched, I witnessed her coin the instant classic, “Suck my virtual dick”. A catch phrase so good that Chieftan is already talking about putting it on t-shirts to sell.
Guy without Camera: I’m not even sure if this guy exists, I just know that sometiems I hear a voice and the Google Hangout shows a blank screen. Is this the voice of the producer? God? Either way it adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the show.

Phunny Guy: This man is the undisputed star of the group. He delivers his inaudible jokes through his soup-can microphone with the ferocity of a crazed shark. A joke shark! This man is a joke machine that only stops telling jokes for a few moments to point to his drink, which I refer to as his “joke fuel”. Phunny Guy lives up to his name for sure, and along with the rest of the Laggin’ Out crew, would help put an exclamation point on the “comedy” in Comedy Central… So like the title of the network would be “Comedy Central!” then, which would probably be confusing to viewers. But that’s a risk I would be willing to take if I was a Comedy Central executive, who I assume are all circus clowns.

The future of entertainment looks bright no matter which Twitch.tv streamer Comedy Central ends up choosing. From babysitters to drummers, there’s a glut of talent out in the wild just waiting for a big break. And, hey, who even NEEDS Comedy Central when the “Gaming Talk Shows” sub-category boasts viewer ratings that actually beat a sizable number of cable TV shows already! No, I can’t prove this.