Discord Rules for Maximizing Fun

NOTE: this is being preserved as a cautionary tale in case you decide to start your own discord server. Learn from our mistakes! 

The Men Drinkin’ Coffee discord is meant to build community and kinship. While the community is mostly self-policing, the fun levels can be amplified by the funnest thing imaginable: following the rules.

Rule #1: Keep it light and breezy.

This is a good rule to follow both in the discord AND in life. All the other rules can be encompassed by this rule. For additional context, think to yourself “am I comfortable with having whatever I’m saying totally taken out of context and put on a billboard with my name and face next to it downtown in my local city?” If the answer is “no”, then rethink whatever you’re writing. An alternative “thought experiment” for this is “would I be comfortable saying this at a party to a room full of strangers?”

Here’s an example of a bad interaction (symbolized with ), followed by a good one (symbolized with ).

I think that German dictator fella from the 1930's had some good ideas, let me elaborate about this further. 
I love video games and gaming online with friends.

Additional contextual guideline: Read the room. If you make a joke and it doesn’t land: just let it go. If someone gives you a :yikesinabadway:, take a moment to stop and do something else. Not every joke even the Men Drinkin’ Coffee make has landed, it’s ok, don’t make it worse by pressing the issue even if you think you’re right. If you feel you’re right, debate the person on Skype, keep it out of the discord. At the same time, if someone slips up, if they back off or apologize, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Even more additional context: Ask yourself, am I being negative? If so, is it funny to be negative in this situation? If not, then maybe I should wait until I can either be positive or funny.

Rule #2: Be friendly to new people in the discord. You should probably be friendly to everyone else too, but please be especially welcoming to newer members

If someone wants to pay a compliment in #men-drinkin-coffee-content, or has a question, please do not be rude or sarcastic to them. Give them some time to feel comfortable, otherwise, an insular atmosphere will dominate the discord and it’ll be deleted. Here’s an example of someone new to the discord sending a nice message:

New Person: I love the online content the Men Drinkin' Coffee create and I wanted to stop by and say thanks!

Here’s an example of a bad interaction, followed by a good one:

Insane Weirdo: I hate the men drinkin coffee and you kissing their butts sucks. I am a depressing, negative person and seek to make everyone around me miserable
Nice Person: I am hanging out in the discord because I like the content too and welcome to the server, New Person! 

Rule #3: Don’t be horny

Please be respectful of everyone. If you find yourself getting “randy” as Austin Powers likes to say, or you find yourself posting a lot of stuff that’s not being reciprocated, consider changing topics and taking a “cold shower” or eating Graham Crackers (invented to inhibit horniness in discord).

The girls in DOA have big boobs and it making me horny.  
The lotions and oils in DOA increase your stats. 

Rule #4: Don’t discuss politics, or any serious issue people tend to attach their sense of self to. This is the Men Drinkin’ Coffee discord, for God’s sake, put it on Twitter where no one will read it.

This is a tough area to contextualize, but a good rule of thumb is “am I targetting a specific group, topic, or individual?” If the answer is yes, odds are good your message stinks and nobody wants to hear it at the Thanksgiving table. This is for every stance in the political spectrum, Left to Right. 

 has committed a political gaffe and I'm going to give you my political views about it. 
Looks like the circus is in town, the town being Washington DC and it's there permanently.

Rule #5: Miscellaneous

I’m hoping it’s obvious posting things like porn and harassing people is not allowed. These rules are not the only ones in effect and if your behavior is deleterious without directly violating any of the rules, you may be subject to a ban.

What to do if someone is breaking the rules?

Please take a screenshot and send it via direct message to The Respected Online Creators judge, Chris, Tom, or Anthony.

What happens if I break the rules?

One of the Respected Online Creators will talk to you privately, but if it’s a serious issue or it continues, you may be banned from the server.

What happens if the Discord Server becomes more “work” than “fun”?

It will be deleted.

What are the different channels for?

#announcements – Announcing upcoming streams as well as rules for the discord server (fun).

#general – Typically for unfocused conversation you don’t care about being taken seriously in.

#taster-content – Stuff that you, the taster, makes. Can be art (my favorite) or videos you’ve made that may or may not relate directly to Men Drinkin’ Coffee content.

#men-drinkin-coffee-content – Discuss Men Drinkin’ Coffee content here free from the prying eyes of YouTube.

#in-depth-and-honest-discussion-for-enthusiasts – If you want to talk about something in greater, serious detail, go here. If someone is discussing something you find boring or nerdy, don’t mock them, go somewhere else and let other people have their fun.

#your-aunts-basement – Post here if you don’t want to interrupt a conversation going in #general, or it’s something you think “doesn’t have a lot of legs” for discussion and might be good for a quick laugh. This is the only channel you can interact with the famous “MetalJesusBot” in!

Generally, the discord is a fun place to hang out. Sometimes, however, it’s not as fun, so let’s try to minimize those inevitable slipups by following these rules. Have fun!

Thank Gnome It’s Friday!
For the first time ever in any Discord server’s existence, we have a special “Friday only” emoji to celebrate everybody’s favorite day of the week. Between midnight Friday morning, ending on Saturday morning at midnight, users can use the fabled :tgif: emoji and let others know they “thank gnome for Friday” and are fans of the famous “Sherlock Gnomes” series of films. Wow!