Experiment 001 – My Bones – Let’s Play Horror Games While Wearing A Fitbit

What makes us afraid?

If an LPer wears a Fitbit while playing horror games, we will be able to gather enough data to ascertain what fear truly is by recording the player’s heart rate during crucial “scare” scenarios.

I’m Doctor judge reinhold, joined once again by my two best case studies, Diaper Chris and Major Tom. We have decided to embark on an amazing technological journey, unseen in the Let’s Play scientific community: Diaper Chris will play various horror games and while we keep track of his heart rate (and other vital elements as necessary) by means of the Fitbit. Steam games, Game Maker games, Playstation games, doesn’t matter! All will be examined under the microscope of scientific rigor! Once the data has been gathered, we will be able to know, for sure, what makes mankind afraid.

P values? We want B values! BPM values, that is! Beats Per Minute that unabbreviates to, that is!

So join us, if not for the laughs, but for the betterment of mankind’s understanding.