In order to facilitate certain topics, specialized “smilie images” can be employed by you on the website. They are as follows:

Emojicon Text to use Purpose
:vito: :vito: To enhance discussions pertaining to Don Vito as well as inform outsiders of who he is and what he looks like.
:brooks: :brooks: To acknowledge when you feel someone has posted cool, slick, or neat stuff. Raw stuff may not fall into this category. Secondary usage: when you invite someone or a group of people to let the conversation begin.
:dansgaming: :dansgaming: To let others know you are goin’ to town on some nuts being eaten off a paper towel.
:cloud: :cloud: To display you are a true blue Final Fantasy 7 fanatic!
:gatling: :gatling: To let others know how you’re mad as H and aren’t gonna take it anymore. Secondary usage: let others know you are doing well in a First Person Shooter Up.
:ringo: :ringo: To append “peace and love” to a statement you’re making, such as throwing out fan-mail.
:frankerz: :frankerz: To communicate how bad the Speedrunning community is and how dumb their memes are!!!!!!!!!!!
:podcast: :podcast: To let people know you are into podcasts and podcast culture, maybe you and your friends are thinking of starting your own podcast.
:whistle: :whistle: To signify you just did a massive bong rip and now you are “faded”.
:chappie: :chappie: To display you are patiently anticipating new content with a low metacritic score.
n/a This emojicon is forbidden.

Certain standard emoticon shorthands such as :) have been converted to an emojicon for your convenience.